6 a.m. in paradise

ArrayArrayThis shot has been in our book of “wouldn’t that be a cool shot” for many, many, many and many, years. For the longest time at least one, two or more of these lights have been burned out. The city does replace the lights periodically, but since they are on through the night they don’t last long. Honestly, I don’t believe all five lights at one time have worked during the eight years that I have been here. Then, throw in the unpredictable coastal weather during the only few seasonal months of the year. The fact that the moon is at this location in the sky only a few months of the year. And, is only full and setting as the sun rises one day in that month, and you have a “well, one can only hope” shot. For several years I have tracked the location of the sun, the moon and the tides to certain locations in Morro Bay. All the elements have to be just right for the best image composition fulfilling my vision. For this shot I used my TS-E 45mm f/2.8 Tilt-Shift on a Canon 5D MkII mounted to a Really Right Stuff tripod. I took 7 shots at 1/2 stop intervals.   Post production started with ACR to set the clarity and adjust color temperature and then into Photomatix to blend the  7 exposures and tone-map. I then loaded the image into onOne Software and began brushing in a few of their great effects including adding in some tone enhancement. The entire post production took about 2 hours.



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