In 2005, after 35 years as a business entrepreneur in the high tech aerospace industry I took down my shingle to pursue my life long passion of photography. I was introduced to photography at an early age and spent many hours in my grandfathers chemical darkroom learning film processing and printing. Both my father and his father, my grandfather, were my mentors in those early years.  My first camera was a 35mm Exakta VA film camera, which I still have.  From there I moved into a Rolleiflex twin lens reflex.  Over time my compositional interests have evolved and so has my equipment.  Soon after digital SLR’s hit the market I immersed myself in this new technology and never looked back. The digital age of imagery had proved a worthy adversary to film cameras. My learning curve was brisk, though sometimes painful, but the transition yielded to my expectations.  I enjoy the creative freedoms that the digital darkroom provides me in post production to create pieces of art that will expand my viewers experience. My digital darkroom is filled with such tools as Lightroom, Photoshop and the creative plug-ins from onOne Software, Nik Software, Topaz Labs and HDR Software. Many of my images have been published nationally and can be found in galleries and museums of art. As a Fine Art Photographer I enjoy pushing the mediums of imagery and excite the senses of my viewers through perspectives and visual effects.

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