Black Sands Basin, Yellowstone NP…. WOW!!

One of our favorite places in Yellowstone was Black Sand Basin. The small geysers are really awesome and the Snake River running throughout. But what really caught our eye was the streams of color. Every direction we turned we could see floods of color as well as designs. I believe Anne and I spent more time looking, waiting, watching and photographing all the different colors as the light changed. We have so many images to process from Black Sands Basin, it will take time, you know I work with a passion. On our last day in Yellowstone we even had the opportunity to photograph Black Sand Basin in the snow, in fact it was snowing while we took pictures. It was an awesome surprise to experience the place from the extreme weather and lighting. A few times I was quite discouraged as the weather was less than corroborative. Most days were typical of home, cloudy with a chance of marine layer,lol. But during the week we were there we experienced heavy clouds, rain, fog, winds, and I mean WINDS, and a much enjoyed sun. We tried to take advantage of the climate to capture nature at it’s extreme. I hope you enjoyed this artistic impression of this poor burnt lonely lodge pole pine in Black Sand Basin.


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