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Bryan-PortraitBeginning in January I will be featuring a new up and coming website in my sidebar each month. This month I am featuring Bryan Cole, developer and personal web-designer of, and, my son. In July of last year he was laid off his job as SEO and webmaster of one of the largest online safety supply companies in the United States. You would think that with his talents and skills new employment would be just around the corner. Well, he has turned more corners than one could count, turned over every rock in his path and remains underutilized, unemployed that is. is a website Bryan has owned for many years displaying his photographic and media graphic talents. He has now refocused the website more personal in support of finding work in this tough economy.


This is from his “About Me” page

Hello, I’m Bryan. I have background in digital media and writing. I received my B.A. in Mass Communications and Journalism from Cal State University Fresno. While in attendance, I worked for the on-campus newspaper, The Collegian, and gained experience working in a team oriented atmosphere, as-well-as honing my writing and digital media skills.  After college I spent 2 years as a freelance photographer for the Visalia Times Delta/Tulare Advanced Register, covering local events, such as high school/college sports, city council meetings, graduations, parades, cultural events and much more. Since then I have taken on learning and practicing content writing for online SEO purposes. I spent 2 years writing online content for Guardian Safety & Supply, LLC. online websites that including writing product descriptions and blogging. I was also responsible for organizing products on the website. Creating categories with sub-categories in order to organize products for a better online shopping experience.




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