Crater Lake National Park….Pinnacles Overlook…. Godfrey Glen Loop Trail

IMG_44631024WSince the sun was just past noon when we returned from Plaikni Falls we decided our next journey would be to Pinnacles Overlook.  The roughly 7 mile drive to the end of Pinnacles Spur Road was an easy drive and mostly uneventful. Once you arrive you will discover that the parking area is a dirt loop that circles a small groove of trees and returns you to Pinnacles Spur road for you return back. There is one unmarked ADA parking stall that is identified only by a small blue sign with a picture of me, and you guessed it, who pays any attention to that. We had to park at an angle in order to unfold my lift and ensure that nobody was capable of squeezing into that area after we left. As you can see from our photos that the trail is wide and easy with a few spots where you can actually get right to cliffs edge. That was a really cool feeling to be motoring along the edge of the cliff without having a guard rail obscuring your view. As you can see in the photo below I am within a few feet of cliffs edge, pretty cool yes. Well my wife didn’t think so, although she knew how much it meant to me to push the limits putting myself where I seldom can go.  The hike, the viewing and the photo opportunities totaled nearly 1 1/2 hours and closely matched that of Plaikni Falls. Don’t miss this opportunity unless you don’t like to hike and experience the sights, smells and challenges of nature. In my writing I thought I would compare this to Plaikni Falls, I decided their is no comparison, both offer unique challenges, experiences, and, photographic opportunities. This trail is as easy as it comes and offers great night photography possibility as you have a panorama views from the northern skies to the southern skies. The Milky Way is visible from the southern skies across the Pinnacles to the northern skies. A final note regarding the trail. The last 50 or so yards to reach the original south park entrance as I show in the photo below is difficult to reach as the path is narrow, overgrown and the ground quite sandy. The trail does go a short distance beyond this point however in speaking with a couple hiking back they commented that the end of the trail was uneventful.

At cliffs edge enjoying a totally unonstructed view of the Pinnacles. How cool is this.

At cliffs edge enjoying a totally unobstructed view of the Pinnacles. How cool is this.

A section of the trail.

A section of the trail.

This was the entrance to Crater Lake along Pinnacles Road.  Most of the construction took place during 1913 and into 1914. I'm not sure when it was closed to Crater Lake traffic. I was told by a hiker we met on the trail that he thought it closed in the early 50's.

This was the entrance to Crater Lake along Pinnacles Road. Most of the construction to build this road took place during 1913 and into 1914. This road into the park was closed in the 50’s as new entrails were built.















IMG_44501024WThe last of the three trails the national park services have made ADA accessible is the Godfrey Glen Loop Trail. The parking area at the trailhead is well paved with easy parking and one ADA parking stall. There are no restroom facilities here so come prepared.  It is a one mile loop trail of packed dirt decorated with artifacts from the towering trees that you weave around as you travel down the trail. There are several great canyon views along the trail with places to venture to cliffs edge for a panorama view if you so choose. Some might say this is the least exciting hike of the three, but they would be wrong. We discovered several wonderful vista views of canyons and green meadows and could hear the sounds of the fast moving river that ran through the base of the canyon. We found the photo opportunities along this one mile hike to be interesting as well as rewarding. Don’t forget to look up as you walk the shaded path to experience the sun as it finds narrow openings through the dense green branches as it pierces it’s bright light. For us the hike lasted about an 1 1/2, mostly because we stopped to take pictures along the way. If you are limited to where you can go to discover the deepest mysteries of the forest, then you will want to add this hike to your must do list during your visit.





One of the many vista views of the canyons along Godfrey Glen. The cliff walls are steep so I chose to stay back and enjoy the view from a safer spot.


You look between the trees to enjoy the view, but the view is spectacular.


My wife as she returns to see if I have finished my photo secession. As you can see the trail is an easy travel.














One of the vista view overlooks along Godfrey Glen. These overlooks are just off the main trail and all were a moderate climb.


An iPhone shot of the sun as it pierces the trees. Godfrey Glen Loop Trail is nestled among a large old growth forest that makes you feel you are Alice in a wonderland.


This fungus or mushroom growth can be found in moist shady areas during early spring and is easily photographed. This was taken with an iPhone 4S.












Red Trees 250x250