Crater Lake National Park…. Castle Crest Wild Flower Garden

IMG_44101024WA trail that is worth mentioning but not ADA accessible is Castle Crest Wild Flower Garden, which is a trail to the flower gardens. It is not ADA accessible to the wild flower gardens, but it is very accessible from the trailhead to the bridge. Once you cross the bridge the trail turns to soft sand and begins the uphill climb to the wild flower gardens. Regardless of the short trail length this is the perfect spot for a picnic or just to kick back and enjoy nature at it’s best. The bridge goes across a small stream with moss covered rocks and tree limbs that found their way into the stream. It is a fun area to photograph the moss covered rocks and wildflowers that lined a few isolated areas of the stream. The trail down to the bridge is the distance of the average city block, with a slight downhill grade.  When we were there this short trail was as easy to negotiate as the three ADA trails I mentioned earlier. The parking lot is paved, but there were no ADA parking stalls since it is not graded as one of the parks ADA trails. Never the less, the parking lot has a hashed mark area identifying the trailhead. With parking stalls on either side that made it very easy for me to park to the left of the hashed area and deploy my lift into the hashed area.


I mentioned on an earlier page that there are many trails throughout Crater Lake National Park and some are wheelchair accessible up to a certain point and others are further accessible with the help of a strong assistant. Only the three that I have evaluated for you are listed as ADA compliant trails by Park Services. Other trails we searched out were discovered to be no different than the trails in other parks. Trailheads may be too steep, even though you can see a smooth trail ahead, or too rocky, or too sandy, or, just too narrow for a wheelchair or scooter.


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