day into night

My interest in photography began at an early age and even then I was fascinated with the infrared light spectrum. In my early film days I shot many roles ilford SFX 200 B&W as well as  Kodak EIR color infrared. Mostly 35mm, but my Rolleiflex 120 was ofter loaded with Kodak EIR. Back then you had no idea what your results were until they returned from the lab. Much of that is still true today, even with assistant results with digital because of white balance problems you have to go back to the digital darkroom see the results.   Currently I am shooting a Canon 5D MkII that has been converted by with a super color infrared filter. This filter is sensitive to the light spectrum from 700-1200 nanometers of light, which is where the infrared color spectrum resides.  The super color infrared images can still be converted in post production to B&W representing only the 720 nanometer range. The image in this post started as a super color image but was converted to B&W in Photoshop during post production. I also converted the blue sky to black to create a stark contrast to the overall composition.


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