Don’t miss the moment

My camera is 10 steps away and the light is changing before my eyes. I quickly reach for my iPhone 4S, load the Hipstamatic camera app, and within 30 seconds I’m capturing this stunning cactus flower as the sun danced in beauty. With so many camera apps to choose from I keep going to Hipstamatic for it’s analog style imagery and versatility of lenses and film effects. This was shot using the JohnS lens and Ina’s 1969 film, a combination that works well together.  With Hipstamatic there is no additional post production to the image, that’s the beauty of the app, and you never really know what you are going to get either.

Being a photographer I always tell people that I never go anywhere without my camera. While that is indeed true, I do take my camera with me always, my iPhone is my camera of choice for these shoot it quick opportunities. Not always is Hipstamatic the only camera app I use. Smugmug has a great camera app called Camera Awesome” and indeed it is. With the ability to choose both focus and exposure points and with the help of the grid I can focus on the subject, choose how to expose and make sure I’m near level. Post production is usually completed with Nik Softwares Snapseed prior to sharing.

If you are interested this is the flower of Soehrensia bruchii:


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