Death Valley National Park

213-692 213-3691Badwater Basin, it’s difficult to describe the beauty in the vast emptiness of this, you have to see this for yourself. Either early morning or late  afternoon into sunset is by far the best time to photograph the Basin. Arrive before dawn, and you will experience this amazing shadow that blankets the salt basin at pre-dawn. Watch as the sun begins to peak over the Amargosa Mountain Range and the shadow will walk towards you lighting up the salt formations.  If you are into time-lapse photography this should be on your list of to do’s, with many of your sequence shots worthy of hanging on your wall.  After the sun clears the mountains look down at the salt formations and watch as the rich shadows bring depth and detail to the salt formations.  If you are a manual chair user you will enjoy Badwater Basin, and learn to hate it.  I say that because even in my electric wheelchair I found the raised salt formations to be a kidney breaker unless you take it slow and easy.  Please don’t let that scare you into bypassing this experience and photo opportunity, you will be missing a great wonder of the park. In my view, the Basin is easily accessible to scooters with rubber or plastic tires, manual wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs. If you are ambitious you can walk clear across the basin floor to the bordering mountains. I will say that the further out you go the less visitor presence you will see, which means better opportunities to photograph the design of the salt formations.

The parking area is paved with two Van with lift handicap parking stalls. ADA restrooms are also near the handicap parking area.   As you can see the ramp down is concrete with a slight slop and then the path is wood slat to the floor of the basin approximately 100 yards long with an easy transition onto the salt floor. From this point you go maybe another quarter mile before you get into the designs of the raised salt incrustations.IMG_4573



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