iPhoneography, here to stay or fad?

Today there are literately hundreds of blogs talking about iPhone’s and iPhoneography. iPhone images are being taken in every corner of the world by all ages. Today’s most common iPhone is Apples current iPhone 4, but like myself many are still using the 3GS. Most of you that follow me on Flickr have seen an almost exclusive publishing in iPhoneography. Before as late I dabbled with my iPhone 3GS trying several camera apps that claimed to be the best, but even with some creative processing and special effects apps I still fell short of delivering images that I was please with. Several months ago I purchased the Hipstamatic app for my iPhone. Within a few short minutes of using Hipstamatic I went crazy and purchased all the special films and lenses that were available. I think the total bill was around twelve bucks. The reason I chose Hipstamatic was my desire to use new tools to produce “back in the day” images through the result of film, lens choice and imagination . I discovered this philosophy gave me an almost rouge licenses, an adolessance if you will, to break all the rules of imagery and create compelling images through choice of film and lenses.

By combining different film’s and lenses I can compliment the scene, increase the mood or enhance the composition and it seems to almost transport me back to the chemical darkroom days. And don’t think I liked inhaling dangerous chemicals or working in the dark by myself either. Since purchasing Hipstamatic I have stocked my image capture library with camera apps like “Instagram”, “Slowshutter”, “Doodlecam” and “Camera Plus Pro” for the quick snap shot.
As I mentioned earlier I am still using the iPhone 3GS with it’s whopping 3 megapixel camera, but the soon to be released iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, what ever Apple chooses to call it, is boasting an 8 megapixel camera front and back with a strong flash for low light. Let’s hope that it will also have an increase in performance in low light/low contrast situations.
So……is iPhoneography here to stay? Most definitely, just Google iPhonography and peruse the hundreds of results.

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