Lake Side, Not As Easy As It Looked

Millerton-Lake-me-2This trip was the perfect example why you always do prior research so you venture into the known and not the unknown. During the Christmas celebration with family we decided to take an afternoon road trip to Millerton Lake, the local recreation lake we have long enjoyed during the summer months. We knew from experience that this time of year the lake would be at or near it’s lowest point in anticipation for the spring snow melt. We also knew that when the lake is this low it exposes many of the now dead trees that where left standing when the lake was originally filled in early 1944. The unfortunate part of this story is that I was not able to bring my wilderness chair that would be necessary to negotiate the sandy shores of the lake. My only hope to salvation was the recent rains leaving the sands somewhat packed and hardened. Well, as you can see from the iPhone images my wife took, I was only partially correct in my assessment of the conditions. We struggled for what seemed like hours trying to put me into a perspective that would yield an image worthy of our efforts, but it was not in the cards as they say. I preach this to all my workshop students, identify your enemy, plan your best defense, execute it the best you can, and be satisfied in the end that you did all you could do.

By tMillerton-Lake-me-1he end of the shoot when the dust settled, and the emotions retreated to normal, an evaluation in the camera reveled the stark bare facts……no stunners here.  So, was it a bust at days end? Never!  Know this, accomplishments come in several ways,  make each and every experience special with your eyes, your mind, and lastly, your camera. If you can achieve the first two then last will happen almost on it’s own needing only your camera skills.  With that…… will never be disappointed with the events outcome.







Perspective is a key element when composing and framing the scene in front of you, and never feel that you can only point your camera and push that shutter button from ground level.My favorite shot was taken with my iPhone 4s the prior day while exploring locations for this days shoot.  This shot was taken using Smugmug’s “Camera Awesome” camera app and processed with “Snapseed” by Nik Software.







  1. Kevin your posts are so educational and tell the story behind the image and situation, that I use your blog as a teaching example for others asking “how can I take better and more meaningful and useful photos?” We’ll done, again.

    • Kevin Cole

      Thanks for your support Mike, I always get a boost from your comments.

  2. it was a fun challenging day but I would have rather had “big red” to plow through the sand :)….

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