Pfeiffer Beach, McWay Falls

Drive from the north or the south, Highwaw 1, also known as Pacific Coast Highway, is a great way to spend the day. We left Morro Bay with the final destination being Bixby Bridge with a stop along the way at Pfeiffer Beach. We have been told several times that the view of Pfeiffer Beach was not as accessible to me which has kept me from stopping to see for myself many times. This trip we decided we would see for ourselves if indeed the vista viewing spot was out of reach. The 80 mile journey from Morro Bay took nearly 2 hours with a few short stops along the way. If you come from the south there is a sign for the Pfeiffer Beach campground so you know your close. If you are driving down from the north and pass the campground you have then passed the turnout for the viewing area. The turnout is just north of the campground entrance maybe 100 yards with ample room for 5-6 vehicles. The best view is a steep narrow path just a short distance from the road. I was able to negotiate the path with the help of my wife guiding my wheelchair to keep me from sliding into to wire fence. From a sitting position the view is somewhat obstructed due to the brush and trees along cliffs edge, but a view of the beach and McWay Falls is possible, and worth the stopover. This image was taken with my iPhone 4S using Pro HDR camera app at sunset.  We did make it all the way to Bixby Bridge and it was worth the trip. It was very windy so we decided not to get the cameras out in the dust storm, but we did scope out a few good spots for photographing the bridge. Light trails at dusk was our original plan but the wind was too strong. We had no problem parking with room to let our lift out even though it was quit busy that day. The parking area is large with wide entry and exit lanes.










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