Photomontage by Flickr member Temari 09

One of the rewards in contributing to Flickr (a photo sharing site) is the collaboration among Flickr members. If you are a Flickr member, and like me, choose to share the use of your images, you may be rewarded with a Photomontage like Flickr member and artist Temari 09 (her flickr screen name) created by remixing several images. Temari is truly an artist using her creative talents to produce compelling compositions with strong emotions. In this image, Temari used a photo of mine taken just south of Studio Drive this spring at sunset as the background to set the scene for this fashion model in Pakistan. After the selection of the perfect texture from another Flickr member and additional elements, Temari created this wonderful photomontage, as seen here in full size.The lower image in this blog is my original image that Temari used to create the background.

If you are a Flickr member and you enjoy the creativity of Photomontages you might want to make her a contact and follower her as she continues to create these fascinating pieces of art.


Sharing images whether it be Flickr or other photo sharing sites is to say the least a heated subject among photographers. Personally, I enjoy sharing many of my images and making them available for other Flickr members like Temari. Several groups including, educational, non-profits, Local, State(s) and Federal agencies use my images daily in some form of media. Many of my images will show up in blogs, media articles, websites and on State and Federal Park interpretive panels.



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