Perfect Photo Suite 7.5

PastedGraphic-1Today June 3, 2013, onOne Software released Perfect Photo Suite 7.5.  The install, as I have learned to expect,  was flawless, taking only minutes to install.  The update refreshed the plugins for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture without a hitch.  As soon as I loaded my image into the standalone application I immediately noticed an increase in performance with 7.5.  I didn’t need a stopwatch to realize the increased speed as I clicked on each effect in the Layers module and watched as my image snapped to my latest selection.  As I moved between the Effects module and the B&W module I was amazed at the increased speed as I selected random presets from the menu.  Performance is always a welcomed enhancement to any workflow. The first obvious enhancement I noticed was a small icon to the right of each of the effects categories in the layers module.  A mouse click on this icon revealed large image tiles of the effects in each category as it applied it to my image.  This new quick view browser is awesome, you can now view how each effect or preset enhances your image, or areas of your image, without having to apply it.  This quick view browser is also included in the Portrait, the Effects and the B&W modules of the standalone application as well as the individual plugin modules. In my opinion this is a great enhancement that will speed up my workflow as I can now quickly view the results of each effect or preset without having to apply it. I also found the brushes to be more responsive and the prefect brush was obviously more perfect.  More effects, more presets, increased performance, quick view and the ability to edit from Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture, or as a standalone…….win.

I am posting this as my first impression of Perfect Photo Suite 7.5, to read about all the latest enhancements including the new Clone Brush check out the latest at



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