Roses’ Grove

For those of you that have visited the Elfin Forest before dawn, watched the sun as it peaked from behind the hills, experienced it’s beauty as the sun illuminates the Live Oaks, native shrubs and budding flowers. For those of you that have not visited the Elfin Forest for a dawn experience are missing out on what I will call the “Beauty of Natures Light”. Last year SWAP decided to build a walk path to the inside of Roses’ Grove. Prior to this, the path was a narrow sandy path that you stepped down to from the main walk path. As many of you know was not doable for me. I must thank the SWAP (Small Wilderness Area Preserve) group for their concern that all should enjoy the beauty of Roses’ Grove while preserving all it’s natural beauty at the same time by building this beautiful walk path into the grove. My only wish was that they had included a ramp to the upper deck so myself an other wheelchair users could enjoy being in the heart of the grove. Here is a link to their website with a Day-by-Day slide show on the building of the walkway by the California Conservation Corps


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