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Killer deal from onOne Software!! Celebrate Summer with up to 50% OFF any onOne Software of your choice. The best deal of the sale, PERFECT PHOTO SUITE 7.5 PREMIUM FOR $149.95…WOWZA!!

Don’t miss out, kick off your summers creative visions before June 30th.

211-580411024WI can’t imagine not having onOne Software’s PHOTO SUITE as part of my post production workflow.  In the days of old my workflow was Photoshop, then came Lightroom, and handing off to Photoshop to handle the heavy lifting. Today, it’s Lightroom then onOne Photo Suite and maybe Photoshop.  With this image I went directly from Lightroom into Perfect Photo Suite to develop my creative vision for this scene. The Perfect Effects Module inside Perfect Photo Suite, provided me with the individual effects that I applied selectively to specific areas of the image. To apply a few of my favorite textures I used the Layers Module to import and selectively paint the areas of the image I wanted to apply my textures. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I spent less than an hour on this image, I hope it doesn’t show.gentle rest

If you are not sure you need the full blown Photo Suite, take a look and the individual modules, there are savings throughout to meet your creative visions.

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