Where Now?

As we set in for the winter months and the snow begins to fall in the mountains, we need to plan a new coarse for winter photography. Option one, THE DESERT, yes, you read right, the desert. With pending winter storms, rich clouds, sunsets, sunrise’ and even the night sky are for your choosing. A favorite for us is Death Valley National Park. With temperatures well over 110 degrees during the summer months Death Valley is the ideal place to spend from late fall to early spring.  The deserts and high deserts can be cold, so dress for it and be sure to hydrate. Cold temperatures will cause you to  dehydrate  just those hot temperatures do.

Option two, visit the big city.  For us wheelchair or scooter users paved roads and concrete are our best friends during the rainy season. Since we live in the western central coast area we are a few short hours from San Francisco and Los Angeles. If you have never explored skyscrapers with a ultra wide angle lens then you may want to point your creativity skyward during these winter months.  If you are an ASP-C sensor user Canon’s 10-22mm lens or Nikon’s 12-24mm can produce eye catching compositions.  If you like warping your verticals a fisheye can produce some mind blowing images. And don’t leave out your opportunity for street photography, just remember to be polite.

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