Where Now?

Spring is here, wild flowers are in bloom and the days are getting longer. It’s time to dust off the winter cobwebs, charge those camera batteries, clean those filters and check the date and time on your camera. As photographers, spring brings us endless opportunities to capture natures beauty.  As the wildflowers bloom, the spring skies fill with scattered puffy white clouds and the sunsets light up the sky with colors of oranges and reds the opportunities are indeed endless.

For some of us spring is soon overtaken with hot days, warm nights, and humidity that makes scrambling for the air-conditioning. But those warm summer morning can provide the best golden light that will make you forget all about the hot days. Summer is an especially fun time for me as I enjoy the summer mornings with just a slight breeze in the air and watching as that golden light bounces off buildings, reflects off the windows and changes the colors  of the palette that surrounds me.

For me even in the harsh light of the mid summer day I can find interesting compositions with bright whites and deep shadows that can provide great opportunities to use my HDR techniques to create more creative pieces of photographic art.

So get out, make your camera your best friend and don’t forget your tripod.

Red Trees 250x250