Yellowstone National Park

210-51239-frPlanning your visit to Yellowstone in the early spring is a special time. For the Bison, the young calves are born and begin their dependance on mom. The Bison are among the most prolific, visible, and, independent, of the wildlife in the park. They are also as dangerous as the black and brown bears of the area. The Bison appear so large as to be clumsy and slow to react when approached, don’t be fooled by this. The average male (bull) Bison can weight in at 2,000 lbs with the female (cow) reaching one half of the male. They will be aggressive when ever they choose and can reach 35 mph in the blink of the eye. It is common to see herds of a few hundred in the grassy meadows in the park and during the spring months will be accompanied by their calves. Many a 210-52084-frtender moment can be witnessed as these young bison bond with their moms.






A common occurrence in the park is the bison as they take to the park roads as though they own them, which by the park rules, they do. To protect the animals in the park, as well as yourself, the speed limit throughout most of the park is 25 mph. Considering that a male (bull) bison weights nearly that of a new mid-size Honda compact, a slower more cautious speed is preferable. IMG_2163-fr If you decide to stop on the side of the road for a photo op you may find a park ranger barking on his loudspeaker to move on. There are several turnouts along Grand Loop Road as you travel north and south and it is best to use them.  I believe one of the cash revenues for the park is writing parking tickets for e legal roadside parking.

The photo opportunities as you travel around Grand Loop Road are endless from early morning before sunrise to well after dark. We are early morning photographers  spending much of each afternoon scoping out the next mornings shoot. If you decide to visit the park mid May till the first of June be prepared for morning temperatures in the high teens to low twenties.  Our morning temperatures rarely reached 19 degrees.



With the boardwalks surrounding the pools and the geysers except for a few multi-level boardwalks you will experience and be able to photograph what every other individual can. Your imagery will only be limited to your imagination and passions. I am including here a few images of opportunities that I consider as part of your bucket list.



Fire damaged grove of Lodgepole Pines just north of Old Faithful Geyser on the west Grand Loop road. We were able to capture this grove a short walk from a turnout staying on the gravel edge of the road. This was shot shortly after sunrise Canon 5D MkII w/24mm on a tripod.

West Thumb Geyser Basin at sunrise. Yellowstone Lake in the background.

West Thumb Geyser Basin at sunrise. You can see Yellowstone Lake in the background beyond the many geysers. Canon 5D MkII w/24mm and a Singh-Ray 2-stop Reverse Neutral Density Graduated Z-Pro filter.

Upper Falls can easily be photographed from Uncle Tom's Trail.

Upper Falls can easily be photographed from Uncle Tom’s Trail.














Red Trees 250x250